Terms And Conditions

Goods that are not up to standard:

According to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, a client has the right to refuse items that are of poor quality, inappropriate for use, or not as advertised and receive a full refund if they do so within 14 days of receiving them. This privilege is only valid for 30 days from the day on which the consumer gained possession of the merchandise. If an item is damaged and must be returned, the client will not be responsible for the expense of shipping the faulty item back to the manufacturer’s warehouse. Returning an item that was damaged, not as advertised, or malfunctioning should result in the merchant refunding the whole cost of shipping and handling for that particular item back to the client. Goods that are damaged or missing items should be reported within 72 hours after receiving them.

VAT in the United Kingdom

All items displayed in the.com/UK ecommerce shop are priced inclusive of VAT at a rate of 20 percent unless otherwise stated. All of the goods in our commercial department are priced inclusive of VAT at 20%, however they do not include transportation and installation.


On occasion, we may provide a complimentary gift or promotional item with a transaction to encourage repeat business. Once you have selected this item, it will be added to your shopping basket. Free gifts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount code; if you have any issues, please contact us. In the case of promotional products that are provided free of charge, an extra transportation fee may apply. In the event you do not choose to take advantage of any free gift offers or promotional products, you will be given the option to opt out of them at your discretion and without incurring any obligations. Each consumer is only permitted to get one free item.


Carriage and installation, Concept 2, Speedfit, Airbike and Versaclimber, Keiser, Wattbike, promotional lines, and 0% finance promotions are among the categories that are excluded from our discount code promotions: A maximum of two discounts or promotions can be applied to a single purchase.

Each order may only have one discount coupon applied to it. Previously made purchases and returns are not eligible for code redemption. There are no cash refunds or monetary alternatives available. This offer is only valid while supplies last. Offers are subject to change or cancellation at any moment without prior notice.


All of our UK-stocked items are dispatched straight from our UK warehouse, and we make every effort to ship your purchase within 24 hours of receiving it between Monday and Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. Orders placed over the weekend will be mailed out within 24 hours of the next business day. However, we have no control over any delays that may occur as a result of our external courier’s post-dispatch operations. If any access or vehicle limitations are not communicated to the delivery company prior to delivery, the customer will be responsible for re-delivery expenses.

All shipping costs are exclusive of “local duty.” Northern Ireland and all European nations are subject to a local government duty tax under this provision.

FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED KINGDOM Orders above £350 are eligible for free delivery.


Please keep in mind that all goods on the main Myer-Emco website are intended for use in either household or commercial settings, and that the warranty information for each product is clearly mentioned on the product information page. If you acquire equipment from our website and use it in a non-domestic context, the guarantee will be null and invalid unless the product description specifically says that the equipment is acceptable for commercial usage. Light commercial warranty items are intended for use in non-fee-paying gyms or surroundings, and they are only warrantied under these conditions.

You may reach our team by emailing [email protected] if you are planning to acquire equipment for commercial or light commercial usage, or if you have any queries about the warranty for such equipment. Our staff will be able to recommend the most appropriate equipment for your needs.

When purchasing items from our Mail Order Returns/Ex-Display Section, please keep the following in mind: We reserve the right to ship anything purchased from our mail order returns/ex-display models area of our website partially or completely boxed/assembled and with some degree of mild aesthetic damage. Everything will have been thoroughly inspected and will be in perfect working condition. It will also be backed by a 6- or 12-month guarantee, depending on the manufacturer. All warranty information, as well as any minor flaws that may exist, will be available on the product information page.


Myer-‘Retail Emco’s Recommended Price’ or ‘Normal Price’ is based on comparable items in the market and may be quantified upon request.

The ‘SSP or Now Price’ refers to the price that is displayed before any promotional codes, installation fees, or carriage charges are taken into consideration.


If the item specifies that it is suited for light commercial or professional usage, all new machines sold by Myer-Emco is covered by a one-year parts and labour warranty for domestic use only (excluding consumable components). In many circumstances, the warranty is even higher than this amount of time. The guarantee on the equipment we offer varies depending on the product and is clearly displayed on the product information page. In addition, it can include a comprehensive on-site service facility as well as a “return to base” warranty. Sometimes, when there is a small issue, the manufacturer will send a replacement component to the consumer by postal service (This warranty excludes consumable parts and damage caused by accident, or misuse). It is guaranteed that the equipment offered for household or commercial use will function properly in a normal livable building setting. Myer-Emco reserves the right to revoke warranties if equipment is used in an environment that does not conform to industry standards. This may include outdoor structures such as sheds and garages that are not heated or insulated, as well as areas near swimming pools where the ambient temperature differs significantly from that of a standard environment. If you have any questions about the warranty on light commercial or full commercial equipment, please contact our team so that we can clarify the warranty status on specific equipment.

If you experience a problem with an item, please contact us immediately and provide us with the equipment you are using, the order number, and a brief description of the problem. Myer-Emco will either arrange for a part to be sent to the client for installation, if this is practicable and can be easily applied or fastened by a reasonable person, send an engineer to the site, or, in some cases, request that the items be returned to our warehouse for inspection and testing. Prior to pickup, all items must be properly wrapped. No items will be permitted into our warehouse without prior authorization from Myer-Emco, and all returned goods must be accompanied by a Myer-Emco RAN code. As a result, Myer-Emco will either repair or replace the equipment with a new or equivalent equal product, and we will reimburse the client for any shipping costs incurred.

Please keep in mind that all equipment is warrantied for usage only in the United Kingdom. For example, we may extend this guarantee to include parts and/or labour outside of the UK mainland, or we may give a ‘return to base’ labour warranty in specific instances. The customer may be required to pay for the cost of shipping both to and from ‘base’ if the goods are returned under UK mainland warranty. For more information, please contact us before making your purchase, or contact us to locate the dealer responsible for the country in which the equipment was purchased.

The commercial warranty is only valid if the Myer-Emco equipment is serviced on a regular basis by a fitness equipment service engineer. We recommend that all equipment be serviced at least once every three months. To maintain the warranty’s validity, a minimum of two documented service visits per year must be completed. Myer-Emco offers warranty plans with terms ranging from three to five years. For pricing, please contact [email protected].

Only the frame welds are covered by the lifetime frame guarantee. It does not cover damage caused by improper usage or if a machine has been loaded over its maximum capacity. Alternatively, if the machine has been modified.

The cable guarantee is valid for one year and covers damaged cables. It does not cover regular wear and tear or damage caused by improper use.

The failure of a pad is covered by a one-year warranty. It does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper use, such as stitching being plucked.

The product failure is covered by a one-year accessories warranty. It does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper use.

No-break warranty on rubber dumbbells and plates is in effect for a period of one year. Urethane has a three-year warranty. Steel has a five-year warranty. This is applicable when used in conjunction with a minimum of 20mm flooring thickness. It protects you in the event of a dumbbell or plate breakdown. It does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper use.

All barbells come with a minimum of a one-year no-bend warranty on the frame. The warranty information for each barbell is available on each barbell page. Cosmetic wear of the ceramic coating is not covered by the guarantee. Weakening and deterioration are not covered by the guarantee.


Pulley wheels, pulley wheel bearings and all springs, including cables, belts, upholstery, ropes, and ladders, are all subject to damage from abrasion.

For the purposes of the guarantee, all loose rubber weights and fixed rubber barbell and dumbbell ends are considered consumable parts.


All information pertaining to customers will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We will not share or sell your information to any other businesses. We may be able to identify and tell you of additional Myer-Emco products and services that may be of interest to you based on your preferences. If you do not want us to do so, you must inform us in advance.

We do not store credit card information, and we do not share customer information with any third parties at any time.


Myer-Emco takes the concerns of all of our customers seriously and strives to provide them with the best possible service; nevertheless, if you have a complaint, please contact us at [email protected] as soon as possible.


If you need customer help, please visit the Support page at https://Myer-Emcostrength.com/support/index.html.

All prices listed are current at the time of going to print; but, owing to circumstances beyond our control, these prices, as well as the rate of Value Added Tax, may be subject to change. The price that will be charged will be confirmed at the time of order placement.

Replaced products will not be shipped until the incorrect or faulty goods have been returned to us. Goods must be returned with a Myer-Emco RAN code attached to the package.

We make every effort to ensure that the vast majority of the items mentioned on our website are always available. Some goods are temporarily out of stock from time to time. The customer service department will contact you within 48 hours (2 working days) if an item ordered is out of stock and we will inform you of its expected return date as well as any comparable products that are available.

If you return an item, we will issue a refund in the same manner that you paid for it within 14 days of receiving it. All refunds are subject to approval by our board of directors.

The due dates displayed on the website are estimates of when delivery is anticipated in to our warehouse and are updated on a regular basis as stock gets closer to becoming available. Any backordered products will typically be sent within 48 hours (2 working days) of the goods being received in our warehouse, unless otherwise specified.


Most domestic items purchased from us through distance selling are eligible for a full refund within 14 days after delivery under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation, and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. We must be notified in writing or by email of your decision to cancel, and the customer will be responsible for the costs of returning the products. Please keep in mind that any things that are visibly personalised or that are manufactured particularly to the specifications of the consumer are excluded from these restrictions. We also retain the right to remove a portion of the purchase price from the total amount refunded if we determine (after inspecting the returned products) that they have been previously used (including self-assembly and attempts at disassembly). The amount of the deduction will be determined by the extent to which the value of the products has been diminished.

According to the requirements of the aforementioned Regulations, you have the right to cancel any service (bought by distance means) that we provide and get a full refund within 14 days of the date on which the contract is finalised.

In exchange for your consenting to the commencement of the installation service prior to the expiration of the cancellation period, Myer-Emco wishes to inform you (the consumer) in writing that, once the installation service has been completed, you will not be able to reject this contract of service under the regulations.

We will require you to sign a paper confirming your agreement to this just before to installation. Please keep in mind that this does not affect your ability to have any incomplete or poor craftsmanship remedied by us. Therefore, you will be ineligible for any return in connection with any specific expenditures we have incurred for the installation of these items.


Even if your order has already been delivered, we provide clients the option to return their items after 14 days, but no later than 30 days after they have received their order. It is in situations like this that the following conditions will apply. The customer will be responsible for the costs of return shipping, packaging, and insurance, and the items must be returned to us in their original condition and packaging in order to be eligible for a refund. Any refund will be reduced by the amount of money spent on shipping the items. It is possible that a restocking fee will be assessed. Goods returned in poor condition or without their original packing will not be accepted at Myer-warehouse Emco’s and will not be eligible for a refund or credit. Any expenses associated with redelivering the items will be borne by the client in advance. If the items have been taken from their original packing or have been assembled, you may lose your right to cancel the transaction.

Our standard 14- to 30-day online return policies apply to items purchased for personal use only and are not applicable to business purchases. These choices do not apply to equipment purchased for use by a business, commercial equipment, or any other products that are considered’special order.’ The term “special order products” refers to things that are not generally supplied by Myer-Emco and that have been ordered particularly for a particular customer. Custom designs are not permitted. Additionally, these alternatives do not apply to mail order returns or exchanges. Display Models, on the other hand, are considered “one-of-a-kind” or “special order” products, and as such are not covered by our usual 14 to 30-day online return policy. If you cancel your order, any free gifts or promotional products you got with it must be returned; if they are not returned, you may be charged the full retail price for such things.

Please keep in mind that our couriers will not collect any unpackaged items.

All purchase cancellations or refunds must be sent to us through e-mail or in writing to our corporate headquarters, not both. To cancel or return an order, please send an email to [email protected] at the address listed below, and we will issue you with a Return Authorization Number (RAN). Goods must be returned to us within 7 days of receiving the unique Myer-Emco RAN number that has been provided.

After 30 days from the date of delivery of the goods, no cancellation of the order will be accepted.


Myer-Emco makes every effort to ensure that product information is as up to date as possible. Specifications, on the other hand, are subject to change without notice. Product images are designed to showcase a certain model, but they may not always accurately depict the product as it is marketed in the marketplace. Weights, bars, and other accessories seen in images are not included unless otherwise mentioned; please contact us for further information on any specific product.

While every attempt is made to offer correct and up-to-date information, Myer-Emco cannot be held liable for any mistakes or omissions that may appear on our website or in our printed materials.

Although Myer-Emco makes every effort to ensure that all pricing information on the website is accurate, errors can occur from time to time, and items may be mispriced as a result of this. Depending on the circumstances, we may either: contact you and ask whether you wish to cancel your purchase or continue with the order at the proper price; or inform you that we have cancelled your order. Neither we nor our suppliers will be obligated to deliver items at the erroneous pricing. Although there is no time limit for price issues, we will make every effort to contact you within 48 hours (2 working days).

The approval of any orders placed by you through the.com/UK website is subject to our discretion. We reserve the right to refuse to accept your order for any reason, and as long as no money has been collected and no express acceptance of your order has been accepted, we will have no liability to you or anyone else in those circumstances, unless otherwise required by law.

Following the submission of an order to us, we will send you an order acknowledgement email with your order number as well as the specifics of the items that you have bought. Please keep in mind that this email is only a notice of your order and not an acceptance of it.

The website does not provide information on the availability of certain items due to technical limitations. If you place an order for products that are not currently available from stock, we will notify you through email, and you will have the choice to either wait until the items become available from stock, or cancel your order in line with our cancellation and returns policy, as applicable. Upon the cancellation of your purchase, we will reimburse any money that has already been collected from you in connection with that order in line with our cancellation and returns policy.

Please keep in mind that the rates listed are only valid for 30 days and are subject to change after that time period.

The exact cost will be confirmed after the deposit has been received.

We will make every effort to fulfil agreed-upon shipping and installation dates; however, this may be subject to change as a result of external circumstances, such as Covid-19, over which we have no control, such as weather conditions.

Myer-Emco shall not be held accountable for any delays that may occur, which may result in reduced operating hours or revenue.

We shall make every effort to adhere to the schedules that have been established. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that any impact or interruption to your operation is kept to a minimum.

The stock availability displayed on the website is an estimate only, and it may be subject to change as a result of external influences.

Deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Any notification by us through email or other electronic means of receipt of an order made by you does not represent legal acceptance of your order by us in accordance with applicable law.

Myer-Emco takes no responsibility for viruses or virus damage that may occur as a result of the use of this website, despite the fact that every precaution has been made to guarantee that it is virus-free.

There is nothing in these terms and conditions that affects your legal rights.