About us

Equipment manufactured by Myer-Emco is geared for both commercial gyms and home gyms, and is of the highest quality. Cutting edge, design-focused strength brand that is committed to provide the greatest quality equipment in its field.

For our commercial and monster ranges, we have Myer-commercial Emco’s series, and our home series. The products in our Commercial line are built to be as cost-effective as possible without sacrificing any of the product’s functionality. Our smith machine, rubber hex dumbbells, and our dual-function devices are all included in this collection. Folding racks and storage solutions are available in a variety of sizes to fit even the most condensed studios, without sacrificing quality.

In order to assure its appropriateness in big high traffic venues and performance centres, the Monster Series has undergone intensive testing. Performance racks and seats, manufacturer ISO machines, and top quality EPDM-topped flooring solutions are all part of the range. The Monster collection of bars, weights, and dumbbells is unrivalled in both quality and function.

From a rising need for high-quality, well-designed gym equipment for use at home, we developed our home line of products.

In order to provide our consumers with the best possible durability and beauty, we use many premium textures on our products. Brushed aluminium, matte painted finishes, chrome and ionised metal accessories, and stealth black bolts are all used in the construction of our products. Custom-wrapped Myer-Emco or your company’s logo/brand may be applied on our premium bench upholstery for an additional fee.

Our own staff:

Design, choose, and test every piece of equipment that you create.
Possess a broad range of expertise in the fitness business.
Work closely with customers to ensure that they get exactly what they want.
Offer free quotes, blueprints, and 3D CAD drawings for gyms.
Install our equipment in a professional manner.
Provide world-class after-sales service and support.
Whether you’re seeking to buy a bench for your house, open a new PT studio, or build a new gym, you can count on us to provide you with assistance, expert guidance, and straightforward answers throughout the process.

What's in the Box:

During the development of our Myer-Emco brand, we sought to build upon the strongest and most practical items already available. In order to provide our consumers with products that are long-lasting, well-designed, and aesthetically pleasing, our company only uses premium materials and designs.

To be specific, laser-cut steel and brushed aluminium are among the materials we utilise, as are matte paint finish, hardened-chrome accents, and ionised metal accessories. Myer-emblem Emco’s is delicately embossed on the fabric used to make the upholstery for our luxury pads. In the UK, we manufacture our rubber gym floor mats using post-consumer recycled rubber.

Here's how to locate us:

Our headquarters and showroom are located in Down, just north of Warrenpoint, in the County Down. Products from Myer-Emco can only be purchased online if they are currently in stock in our warehouse in Down.

All around the continent, we have showrooms and distribution partners. Find a distributor near you by contacting us.